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There are two periods of Italian dances that the SCA does.  15th century Italian dances, as described in the works of Domenico, Guglielmo Ebreo and Cornazzano, are characterized by relatively simple steps using four "tempi" explained in the theory sections of the sources.  The dances tend to be very irregular, rather than symmetrical, use a lot of "follow the leader" figures, and often act out a theme, like "jealousy."

This is a video of Petit Riense, one of the dances you were asking about. Note the simple steps and "follow the leader"parts :

16th century Italian dances emphasize footwork.  There are a large number of steps described in precise detail.  The dances are often complex and fast, but tend to be much more symmetrical than in the previous period.

This is a well-filmed video by a Czech ensemble.  They only show excerpts of various dances, but it is a very good example of how 16th c. Italian steps and figures should look.  Note how much more complex these dances are:

I'm still curious about your list of dances.  I'm not familiar at all with Artemisia.  Are these dances commonly done in your kingdom?


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Eadric and I live in Artemisia and were wondering what sorts of steps or moves or music or whatever makes a dance distinctly Italian?


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