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One question:  What kingdom are you in?  This matters because some of these dances are done differently in different places.
Another question:  What was the source of the list of dances you are asking for?  Does whoever suggested these dances to you have any information about where they saw/heard about/read about these dances?  I'd be curious myself about what music is used for Reale, since there is no actual music for it that I know of.

These are some URLs that may help you:

SCA Dance Database Search Engine

Renaissance Dance Database

For both of the above, you type in the name of a dance and it gives you sources for instructions, music, etc. if they exist.  You have to spell the names correctly, so your third set should be:  Contentezza d'Amore,  Contrapasso in Due, Bassa Honorata

If you are in Australia, (that you are asking for Bassa Honorata makes me think you might be) Del's Dance Book gives the dance reconstructions used in Lochac.

Del's Dance Book

This is a site with links to many primary sources for dances, as well as articles, CD's etc.
SCA Renaissance Dance Homepage

If you are in the Eastern US or Eldormere, I could offer more specific suggestions.

--Urraca (Midrealm dance Laurel)

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Hi everyone,

I'm Eadric, I'm new to the SCA but have gotten very into the dancing.  I have been asked to learn a few Italian dances so I can teach the local dance group how to dance them.  The problem is no one locally knows most of these dances so we don't know what they're supposed to look like, and we don't have the music to play so we can dance them.  Can anyone help?  If anyone knows if there are any videos of these dances being performed or where I can get the music, sheet or other, I would really appreciate it.

Here is the list of dances we're wanting to dance:

1st set:
La Spagna

2nd Set:
Petit Rien

3rd Set:
Contentessa Di Amora
Contrapass in Due
Basso Honorata

Thank you,

Eadric Hameresmithe

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