[SCA-Dance] Help with some Itailian Dances

Greg Lindahl lindahl at pbm.com
Fri Apr 3 16:56:34 EDT 2009


If you start at the SCA Dance Homepage


You will find a couple of useful resources:

Eric's list of music on the web - http://sca.uwaterloo.ca/Music/
Joy and Jealousy - http://home.jtan.com/~cellio/jj.html

Eric has free sheet music and mp3s for many of the dances you list,
and J&J has instructions for all of the 15th century Italian dances.

Video, alas, is a bit more rare. Our local dance group has filmed a
few things, but we have too many people wrapped around the axel to
distributed it: "is our reconstruction good enough?" "what should we
wear?" "how many mistakes are OK, or do we have to shoot over and over
until it's perfect?" Unfortunately, perfection is the enem of the

-- Gregory

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