[SCA-Dance] Gulf Wars Dance Teachers Wanted

Eridani Aurus eridani1138 at yahoo.com
Sun Sep 28 11:30:35 EDT 2008


        Gulf Wars Dance Teachers Desired
        Monday, September 8, 2008 3:08 PM
                "Eridani Aurus" <eridani1138 at yahoo.com>
            sca-dance at yahoogroups.com                        

Dear Dancers who may be making the perilous journey to Gulf Wars,

Please take a gander at our section of www.gulfwars.org under European Dance

those of you with a passing knowledge of some dance or other, it would
be most welcome for you to share your knowledge with others at Gulf
Wars.  We are looking for teachers at all levels.  

Please contact (eridani1138 at yahoo.com or edwardusthewise at yahoo.com ) Eridani and Edwardus of Trimaris if you are thinking about it.  

Share your talent.  You can dance.  You love dance.  The World is a better place when others can dance too.  Therefore you should Teach.  Teach, Teach, Teach!

Eridani and Edwardus, Gulf Wars European Dance Coordinators


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