[SCA-Dance] being picky about Arbeau's double step

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Thu Oct 23 19:38:30 EDT 2008

Jen Kennedy wrote:
> Relatedly, when's the last time someone brought up the special
> kicky/bouncy doubles in a few Arbeau dances--like Official Bransle, and
> maybe Montarde?

*Blink*. That's how we've always done them -- I've been teaching the 
"jumping jack steps" (an imprecise but convenient approximation) for 
twenty years. It hadn't occurred to me that that wasn't the usual case.

> When one does the steps as described in Orchesography, rather than
> popular SCA tradition, good old Official is a lot harder--and it starts
> to look like a watered down galliard with volta bits. :-D

True that it has the volta bits, but I mostly disagree: folks seem to 
enjoy the bounciness of the singles leading into that. Makes for a very 
lively dance...

				-- Justin

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