[SCA-Dance] Need help understanding Argeers

Elisabeth Fairchild lynnaea_fairchild at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 13 09:26:42 EDT 2008

The Terpsichore VII book I have is a bit confusing on Argeers. At the beginning, after 1/2 turn with your corner it says to do 1 1/2 turn with partner. However, the music makes it sound like there should be only 1/2 a turn with corner and 1/2 turn with partner. Also, toward the end, it says for lords to begin 1/2 hey and the ladies join in. The steps we were doing do not seem to work with the music. Is this "hey" supposed to be a J-curve with the guy and then with the girls? Or is supposed to be a grand right-left?

Any assistance figuring out Argeers would be fantastic!

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