[SCA-Dance] basse danse tempi

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Fri Nov 21 12:41:08 EST 2008

Hi all - I've been thinking about basse danse/ bassadanza tempi and would 
be interested to get other's opinions on some of the issues. In particular 
I'd like to know if anyone out there (still?) does French basse danse with 
the musical bars (corresponding to breves in the sources, the duration of 
a double according to the choreographies) arranged as 2+2+2 rather than as 
3+3, so that the three steps of the double are equal in duration, and the 
pairs of singles must be done 'across' the music (or unevenly?). And if 
so, do you have particular reasons for this other than 'that's what we've 
always done'?

And by contrast, has anyone come across settings of, or bassadanza 
choreographies fitted to, any of the three Cornazano tenors that actually 
use *each* note of the tenor for a double, rather than what seems to be 
more common (and more plausible for the bassadanza sections of his balli) 
which is to use two notes per double to get 3+3 per bar?

Thanks for any input,


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