[SCA-Dance] ly bens/parson's

Kelley Rambo Kelley_Rambo at antiochne.edu
Thu May 22 15:28:59 EDT 2008

Does that mean it is correct?  Or that we should be learning the other way
so we can dance "properly" when we go down to Carolingia's ball again?  :)

perronnellec at earthlink.net writes:
>Jane & Mark Waks wrote:
> >> How do people in the East Kingdom finish Parson's Farewell? 
>Onet set of
> >> instructions suggests doing two circular heys, but the original
> sounds a
> >> bit different.
> >
> > Hmm. Don't recall a circular-hey version, but there are again 
>competing reconstructions. (Indeed, I published two back-to-back in the 
>Letter of Dance.) Locally (and I think more generally in the East), we 
>do Baron Patri's reconstruction:
>If by "circular hey" you mean the two couples face each other
>an d start 
>by reaching across, then that version comes from Cecil Sharp.
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