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There's another meta-dance reason to do "gentle" siding as
well - in combination with the doubles forward and the arming,
the halfway-siding forms a progression (walking side by side,
meeting halfway but not passing, and then walking fully in a
circle) that might or might not have any significance in the
greater scheme of English Country Dancing as a whole.  (This isn't
my theory, but I like meta concepts ...)

Neat, I've never thought of it that way.  I just liked the symmetry of side
right, then side left.  Full siding seems to always be done passing
leftshoulders both times.  Seems odd considering arming often alternates.
* Not that I'm going to go all authentic on my local ECD group,
> They'll just
> keep doing what they're doing, but we might want to learn
> some ECD in my
> local Early Music Society, (probably me teaching) and I'd
> rather go for the
> more authentic method.

If your local ECD group does mostly modern stuff, then there's no
point or reason to change how they do their dances.  ECD is a live
art form (perhaps resurrected fits better), and it is growing and
changing every day.  If the modern convention is to dash through
the figure like that, then they're not doing anything incorrectly.
They might wish, however, to be more "correct" if they're doing
non-modern ECDs.

Sounds like an Early Music Society, on the other hand, would be
doing early ECDs, and so should do the dances in a more period
style.  If only we had any authoratative source on exactly what
that was ...
Thanks Daffyd.
Indeed, I'm mainly interested in siding as it would have been done with (as
they say in our ECD community) "Historical Dance" such as Playford.  In more
modern versions, if they use full siding, it's generally better timed as the
newer choreographies are created with full siding in mind.  No problem with
that.  I find full siding a little rushed for Playford, (and they do indeed
use full siding in Playford in this group out of habit).  But while in
Rome...I'll just dance it as they do it.

However, in the Early Music group, which is covering Baroque music and
earlier, I can certainly teach the dances as I feel is more accurate, though
I wouldn't mind having a few references as to why I'm doing it that way when
there will be a few people who have learned these dances in the ECD


> Thank you,
> Monika
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