[SCA-Dance] ly bens/parson's

Kelley Rambo Kelley_Rambo at antiochne.edu
Mon May 19 13:12:31 EDT 2008

>Take inside hands as a couple (each man takes his woman's hand,  her
>     left hand resting on his right hand),
>Double forward,
>Double forward,
>Split and rejoin:
>     Man 3 singles forward (step, feet together, step, feet together,
>         step, feet together -- so the rhythm is step, pause, step,
>         pause, step, pause)
>     -- simultaneous with
>     Woman 3 singles back  (step, together, step, together,
>         step, together)
>     On the last beat, the man turns single right, halfway around, so
>         he's facing down the set, and we do a very brief
>         acknowledgement (a nod) to the partner
>     Double back to rejoin one's own partner as a couple
>     Arm left with partner halfway around (so the man is now facing up
>         the set on the inside of the circle and the woman facing down
>         on the outside)
>     On the last beat, the woman twirls (so both are now facing up the
>         set, but improper)
>The same "split and rejoin" starting from the current position,
>     which means that the man and woman roles are swapped
>     and at the end they're back proper again
>Take inside hands,
>Single forward, single back, drop hands, turn single outwards
>     (man turns left, woman turns right)
>Repeat until the CD is done.
>We did have problems with collisions during the backing-up part.  We
>found that it was best to do the split and rejoin angling a little
>away from the circle, so the inside people curve a little towards the
>center and the outside people swing out a little.

Yes, I think that's the part that we got tangled in.  I posted a link to
the video that we learned from in a response to Justin.  I think just
turning slightly would have kept us from getting tangled.  It's been a
while since we tried it, so maybe it's time to do again.

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