[SCA-Dance] ly bens/parson's

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Mon May 19 13:02:43 EDT 2008

There is nothing in the source to suggest that ly bens is done in a line 
of couples, or even that it would have been done by more than one couple 
at a time.  Doing it in a line is an SCA convenience, so if it isn't 
convenient for your group, don't do it.  Locally we don't do it in a line.  
We just depend on individual couples to steer clear of each other. 
However, I've seen it done in a line at events without tangling by spacing 
the couples, rather than moving in a tight circle, and taking care to move 
along the same track, even if that means backing up in a curve instead of 
straight. Whether this is easier or harder than not dancing in a line is 
your call.


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