[SCA-Dance] ly bens/parson's

Kelley Rambo Kelley_Rambo at antiochne.edu
Mon May 19 10:25:07 EDT 2008

Justin -
Thanks for your response.  We learned Ly Bens from this video:
http://www.sqlwebdb.com/DanceLyBensDystonys.html, but I think Sara
probably did do it in Carolingia.  
I will take a look at the link you provided for Parson's Farewell and see
if we can figure it out.

Jane & Mark Waks <waks at comcast.net> writes:
>Kelley Rambo wrote:
>> I have a question about Ly Bens Dystonys.  When we were trying to
>> it, one of our group said that she had done it in a line of couples.
>& We
>> tried this and ended up getting quite tangled
>Hmm. We do it as a line, and tangling is never an issue. I actually find 
>it quite natural in a line. There's no partner-changing involved.
>But keep in mind that there are *wildly* differing reconstructions of Ly 
>Bens -- the original is pretty vague, so there is much room for 
>disagreement. So it's entirely possible that the reconstruction we do 
>(which might be what your group member learned) works as a line, but the 
>one you're currently doing doesn't.
>(And note that I'm not taking sides on which reconstructions are more or 
>less plausible here -- I haven't studied it yet. We do this version 
>mostly because it fits the music we like.)
>> How do people in the East Kingdom finish Parson's Farewell?  One set
>> instructions suggests doing two circular heys, but the original
>soundis a
>> bit different.   
>Hmm. Don't recall a circular-hey version, but there are again competing 
>reconstructions. (Indeed, I published two back-to-back in the Letter of 
>Dance.) Locally (and I think more generally in the East), we do Baron 
>Patri's reconstruction:
>	http://www.pbm.com/~lindahl/lod/vol1/patriparson.html
>Roughly summarizing what that means in practice -- you take right hands 
>with your partner, go around until both men are in the middle, and then 
>they lead a line Hey for four until everyone is in the other couple's 
>place and go around with right hands again. Then the music shifts; 
>reverse hands, and go back the same way, but with the women leading the 
>Hey from the middle.
>				-- Justin
>				   Dancemaster, 

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