[SCA-Dance] ly bens/parson's

Kelley Rambo Kelley_Rambo at antiochne.edu
Sun May 18 10:18:52 EDT 2008

I have a question about Ly Bens Dystonys.  When we were trying to learn
it, one of our group said that she had done it in a line of couples.  We
tried this and ended up getting quite tangled, but as an after thought, I
am thinking that if we had just turned slightly, we would have gone in and
out from the sides (instead of front of the line to back, if that makes
sense), so I think we can figure that part out.  I am wondering if it is
done as a progressive dance (I think I have the right term) where partners
change, or not.  Do others do it in a line or just as couples?  It seems
like a fairly straight-forward dance that we can add to our list of ones
we know if we figure out the formation.

How do people in the East Kingdom finish Parson's Farewell?  One set of
instructions suggests doing two circular heys, but the original sounds a
bit different.   
Thank you,

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