[SCA-Dance] Half Hannikin heresy

White, John john.white at drexel.edu
Fri May 16 11:01:07 EDT 2008

> From:  Mary Railing
> When I said that Half Hannikin, as danced in the SCA, is an 
> SCA invention,
> I was referring to the the way it is danced in the Middle 
> Kingdom.  Perhaps
> this is not the way it is danced everywhere, but it is the 
> only way I have
> seen in the Middle and Northshield. To wit:
> (Couples as many as will in a circle.)
> Holding hands, double into the center and back. Repeat.
> Side left and right with your partner.
> Arm right once around with your partner.
> Arm left one and a half times, so that you end up in a new spot.
> Take hand in a circle & begin again.
> This *is* quite different from the original dance, and I was assuming
> (perhaps falsely) that this was the dance Tim McDaniel meant 
> when he said;
Wow, that *is* pretty much a travesty (whomever invented it).  I 
appologize for assuming you meant the actual Playford version.  I
'grew up' in the SCA in the Middle (Calontir's pre-Kingdom days), but
if Miller invented it in 1985, I was gone before then anyway.  

I've never seen that version danced, and I'm going to add
it to the (sadly growing) list of really bad versions of 1st Ed.
ECDs I'll boycott from now on.


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