[SCA-Dance] Half Hannikin heresy

White, John john.white at drexel.edu
Wed May 14 13:20:38 EDT 2008

> From:  Mary Railing
> Many people in the SCA seem unaware of this, but the mixer 
> version of Half 
> Hannikin is an SCA invention.  The actual dance is quite 
> different.  This 
> is not the result of ambiguous instructions in Playford.  
> Someone made a 
> deliberate decision to create a stripped down dance.  As a 
> teaching dance 
> this works, but so would many more authentic dances.
> --Urraca
Far be it from me to automatically assume correctness when
reading Playford - I've messed up more than once in doing
so - but could you inform us how:

Halfe Hannikin                     Longways for as many as will  *  *  *
                                                                 )  )  )
Lead up a D. forwards and back _.__ That againe _:__
        Sides all _._ turn your owne _:__ First man stand alone, 
        and the last Wo. stand alone, the rest of the men take all the
next We.
Lead up all as before _:__
        Sides all _.__ Turne your We. _:__ First man take the 2. man
        his left hand, last Wo. taking the next Wo. with her right hand.
Lead up as before _:__
        Sides all _.__ Turn your we _:__ then the 2. man stand alone 
        the first taking the third man, the last Wo. taking te next. 
        Change thus every time till you come to your owne place.

does not lead one to a partner-changing, top-man-and-bottom-woman-out
on alternate repeats, dance?  (Note that in the second chorus it
explicitly states that the progression is down the opposite sides,
so that men dance with men, women with women.)

Thanks for the clarification,


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