[SCA-Dance] looking for a few good dances to start our group

Del del at babel.com.au
Tue May 13 07:35:14 EDT 2008

Alex Clark wrote:
> At 07:27 PM 5/8/2008 +0000, saporling2 wrote:
>> i recieved lots of good advice that will help our group when we start
>> soon.  however we need a few simple dances to start with.  i would like
>> to do gathering peascods & karouboushka (sp?).
> Korobushka. That's a transliteration into a modern Latin alphabet; the 
> original spelling is in Cyrillic.

I believe the correct pronunciation is kaRObushka.  коробушка is the
Cyrillic spelling, but an "o" in Russian in an unstressed position is
pronounced as an "a" so you will often see the transliteration written
as "Karobushka".  Either would be correct.  The pronunciation often
heard in the SCA ("karoBUSHka") is incorrect.

In any case it's a late 19th or early 20th C invention, unsuitable for
use in the SCA.

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