[SCA-Dance] Known World Dance 2008?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Mon May 12 10:20:13 EDT 2008

Amanda Pakutz wrote:
> I have been trying to locate information on a Known World Dance Syposium for this year/summer. I have tried searching various websites and services. My husband has tried searching as well. The only responses our searches have yielded include information on events for 2007(in Seattle) and 2009 (in Toronto). We can't find any information on this event. If anyone on the list knows of such information please send a civil response to this list or to me personally.

KWDS is traditionally biennial -- I don't think there *is* one in 2008. 
When we started them up, there seemed an implicit consensus that 
everyone was up for it about every other year, and that still seems to 
be true...

				-- Justin

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