[SCA-Dance] Others Interested in Evolution of ECD

Michael Bergman eclectic at mit.edu
Sat Mar 15 11:02:30 EDT 2008

At 4:37 PM -0700 3/11/08, Niki wrote:
>   I have found a few essays and such, where people who don't 
>necessarily identify themselves as SCAdians have traced the 
>evolution of dance. 
>   For example:
>   Donnelly, Sean (n.d.) Trenchmore: An Irish Dance in Tudor and 
>Stuart England? http://www.setdance.com/journal/trenchmore.html#f3
>   However, I have not yet discovered a historian who has made this 
>their particular focus.

It had been a special interest of Patri Pugliese, aka Baron Patri du 
Chat Gris, who had one foot fairly firmly in the SCA as Baron of 
Carolingia (though he had been mostly retired from SCA activity for 
the last 15 years of his life), and the other equally firmly in 
academic early dance circles as a regular collaborator of Dr. Ingrid 
Brainerd, and an occasional collaborator with Dr. Julia Sutton 
(though he mostly worked on 19th century material in the last 15 
years, he still stayed in touch with research in earlier areas). 
Sadly, both Dr. Brainerd and Baron Patri have passed away, Patri had, 
as far as I know, not published his views on the evolution of ECD, 
and Dr. Sutton disagreed with him in at least some of his theories, 
so, unless his widow or daughter find some publishable material on 
this topic among his voluminous effects, his views are not likely to 
get out there any further, though they are pretty clearly responsible 
for this view being prevalent within the SCA.

I think few people outside the SCA really care about this issue.

--Mike Bergman
aka Harald Longfellow

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