[SCA-Dance] New dance book

Kirsten Garner kngarner at sbcglobal.net
Tue Jun 17 18:29:15 EDT 2008

Hi all,

Just thought I would mention this in case it's useful
to someone. :) Jennifer Nevile has a new book out
(well, she's the editor) called _Dance, Spectacle, and
the Body Politick, 1250-1750_. Published by Indiana
University Press. I thought it was meant to be out in
August, but my pre-ordered copy from amazon arrived
today, so I guess it's shipping now. :)

I've only had a chance to peruse it, but it looks to
be a pretty useful text. There are articles on pretty
much all the styles of dance that we do in the SCA, as
well as dance in theatre, the politics of dance, and
the humanist philosophy underlying a lot of period
dance. Authors include Jennifer Nevile, Margaret
McGowan, David Wilson and Katherine Tucker McGinnis.

Just FYI. :)

Gleann Abhann

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