[SCA-Dance] Open Dance Schedule is Here

Felice Debbage felicedebbage at gmail.com
Sat Jul 26 00:38:56 EDT 2008

Hi Dance Gurus,

     Here's the evening dance schedule for open dance. This is designed to
be an informal dance shindig starting at 9 PM in one of two locations. Your
responsibilities end at 12 AM, so if you want to jet after your time is up,
you can choose a person to carry on the party until the wee hours, if you so
choose. I'll be arriving on Friday, August 1, and camping in W10
(Dernehealde), so if you're in need of music, I'll have a loaner set of CDs.
Other than that, keep it fun and try to rope in as many people as possible.
If you aren't able to host dance for your scheduled time slot, please let me
know. Also, if you've any questions or need any assistance, just send me a
line. I look forward to seeing you all at Pennsic.

Ly Felice Debbage, O. G. R.

Evening Dance Schedule for Open Dance (As Opposed to Previously Scheduled
Revels or Balls)

Sat. July 26 to Weds. July 30    Location: Barn or Tent, depending on when
floor is complete.  Host: Ld Darius and friends
Thurs. July 31 and Fri. Aug 1   Location: Tent    Host: Ld Henry of Maldon
Saturday, Aug 2,  Location: Tent,  Host: Ly Felice Debbage
Sunday, Aug 3,  Location: Barn, Host: Ld Keith Malone
Monday, Aug 4, Location: Barn, Host: Master Conrad
Tuesday, Aug 5 (No Open Dance)
Wednesday, Aug 6, Location: Tent, Host: Ly Felice Debbage
Thursday, Aug 7, Location: Barn, Host: Ly Sonya
Friday, Aug 8, Location: Barn, Host: Ld Keith Malone
Saturday, Aug 9, Location: Barn, Host: (Still up for grabs.)

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