[SCA-Dance] Letter of Dance Issue 54 About to Mail

Catherine Dean catherinedean at gmail.com
Fri Jul 25 13:07:28 EDT 2008

Dear Listers,

Please forgive my intrusion momentarily.

I'm currently finalizing issue 54 of the Letter of Dance and getting ready
to mail it to subscribers this week.  I have two favors to request of you:

1) If you are a current subscriber and have moved in the past two years,
please e-mail me your updated address (to catherinedean at gmail.com NOT the
yahoo address).

2) If you believe you should receive an issue and you *don't* get it in the
next two weeks, please e-mail me too.  I think I've caught all the recent
additions, but if I've missed someone I definitely want to know.

Many thanks,

Catherine E. Dean
Historically Inspired Designs
Handmade Jewelry and Accessories for History Lovers

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