[SCA-Dance] New 15th century dance CD

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Thu Jul 24 07:31:18 EDT 2008

Greetings all - you had a preview from Mistress Judith, but now the 
official announcement!
Whatsoever ye wyll - Dance in the 15th Century  

A new CD from Gaita is now available. It has 20 dance tunes focusing on 
the 15th century and includes Italian Balli and Bassadanza, Burgundian 
Basse danse, and melodies from the Gresley manuscript (the remaining five 
not covered in our previous CD 'Eshewynge of Ydlenesse).  

The CD also has two accompanying booklets. One contains 
dance choreographies and music as it appears in the sources for all the 
dances on the CD. The second has multipart musical arrangements of all the 
dances based on the recordings on the CD.    

For more information about all three publications see: 

Chris Elmes  
Gaïta Medieval Music
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