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I do, Mychael. I'm kinda partial to the version on a CD called Dancing With the Infidels by a band called Peach Curry. [ http://www.peachcurry.com/cd-dwi.html ]

It's available from the Pillaged Village or through myself.

When I've danced it, I've started on my right foot.

(aka Kamuran - lead percussionist, Web dude, and a founding member of said band *g*)

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> I am looking for a CD with the music for Korobushka. Yes, I know it is not a 
> period dance. (1932) I would like to teach it to a non-SCA group. Does 
> anyone know where I can find a CD with the music? Also, There seems to be two 
> variations (not counting the folk version.) Is there a consensus as to 
> whether it should start on the right or left foot? 
> Mychael le Renard 
> John-Michael 
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