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Greetings Dancers!

As the new year continues to roll in, we begin our Dance Event Series
with Silk Slippers and Crossed Swords (Step Spritely), Feb 16 in
Guelph, Ontario:
(actually, I think there might be some other dance opportunities in
the meantime, but this is the first event in this area)

The website is still a little rough (there Will be an evening ball,
starting at approximately 7 pm, and running until we have to vacate,
which is at 10:30 pm), as we have all been rather busy lately (thus my
late finalizing of the class schedule for the day as well).  But I
would like to see who else is interested in teaching at this event,
now that schedules are easier to predict.  I also want to tempt more
dancers to come with a few of our excellent classes already planned.

Currently, we have the following teachers and potential classes (since
it was a while ago since my last emails, we will have to confirm for
Class 1: advanced 15th-c Italian. Exact subject matter to be determined later.
Class 2: Il Canario that goes with Marion's dance music.

cascarda class. Alta Regina and Maraviglia d'Amore

Kalynda - Bransles
Potentially: Tangle, Washerwoman's, Pease, Horses, Official, Maltese

Beginner ECD or something beginner

Something different (undecided)

I haven't decided yet

So, as the schedule dictates, classes start at 10 am, and we tend to
have 6 time slots, with 2 class tracks (12 classes total).  I like to
vary the style and difficulty levels where possible as well, but right
now it looks like most options are open, if anyone out there would
like to propose a class.  Please let me know shortly if you are
interested, and what you might have in mind, or alternatively, what
you are capable of teaching (perhaps with order of preference of style
and difficulty) if you would just like to fill in to help balance the
schedule.  I am definitely interested in getting some good variety in
our schedule this year, and think that we have an awesome start with
some of our classes.  (and everyone really liked last year's classes
as well)

Thanks everyone!  I am looking forward to a great event, and I know
that the people here in Ealdormere are eager to get in some more
dancing, after a few successful events we've had in the last few

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Greetings Dancers!

We have just finalized the date for our Annual Dance Event, Silk
Slippers and Crossed Swords (aka Step Spritely), here in Ealdormere in
lovely February, 2008.

It sounds like we won't be conflicting with Val Day (for those in
Michigan), or any other rogue Dance Events (small scheduling issue
last year with Pittsburg, although it sounds like that event now
unfortunately conflicts with Terp instead, though I haven't heard
final details).  So I am hoping that many people can make it for our
cozy little event.

I don't believe that the website is up yet, however I think it is in
the same location as usual, in Guelph, Ontario, which puts it about 2
hours from Port Huron, Mi, ~3 hours from Detroit, ~2 hours from
Address: Norfolk Street United Church - 75 Norfolk Street - Guelph, -
ON - N1H 4J3

We got Wonderful comments back from last year's classes, and I would
love to have a good turnout of teachers again this year.  We will
likely have 2 class tracks as usual.  Please email me if you are
interested in teaching, and let me know if you have something in
particular you would like to teach, or we can see what styles haven't
been covered yet, and assign classes that fit the teacher's

Thanks everyone!  Have fun Dancing!


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