[SCA-Dance] Modern Music for Renaissance Dances

Catherine Harvey vertragis at arach.net.au
Sun Jan 13 22:39:31 EST 2008

They were onto something in A Knight's Tale.  Golden Years is great for 
most pavans, we especially like the Earl of Salisbury. 
If you're into bootscooting, the Bear Dance works well to Devil Went 
Down to Georgia. 
The Queen's Allemande works well with YMCA.  You do the YMCA hand 
movements in the 4 doubles part ending with smacking your partner's hand 
to make both sides of the "A".
Boney M's Rasputin is good for the Korobuska, nice Russian theme.
The theme song from the Smurfs is almost the same as the tune for 
Goddesses.  Did you know there is a techno remix of the Smurf's theme?  
It's a bit hard to dance to in places though.

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