[SCA-Dance] Choreography for Fickle Ladies?

Jane & Mark Waks waks at comcast.net
Sat Jan 12 14:52:19 EST 2008

Howdy, all. Question: does anyone have the full choreography for the SCA 
invention Fickle Ladies? It's apparently on this year's Black Rose Ball 
playlist, and I need to give it a teach-through or two locally before then.

(Fickle Ladies is distinctive as the most *fragile* dance ever concocted 
-- if anyone in the set makes a mistake, or hesitates even briefly in 
the wrong spot, the entire set will quickly collapse beyond any hope of 
recovery. So if folks are to have any hope of survival on the dance 
floor, I need to teach it in advance.)

Anyway, it's been some years since I've done it, and I don't remember it 
well enough to teach any more, so I'm looking for a writeup. And 
curiously, the only one I'm finding on the Web is in Finnish:


Far as I can tell from Google, the dance is very popular in Finland. Not 
quite sure how a Bridge invention got out there, but the SCA is 
mysterious in these ways.

(And may I just say, I'm fascinated by the above site. Can't read a 
bloody *word* of it, and Google Translate doesn't support Scandanavian 
languages, but it appears to be a Finnish wiki of period dance. Very neat.)

So: anybody have a detailed description?

				-- Justin

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