[SCA-Dance] Big News from the Letter of Dance!

Catriona A. Morganosa catriona_a_morganosa at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 17 09:17:53 EST 2008

So, how many times has the Funky Chicken or the Electric Slide been offered
up as an April Fools Pavane? 

Have you ever had a listing of modern songs for period dances? I think
nearly every one of us has thought about it. I've been doing Fool's Balls
for years, where we dance period and SCA dances to modern music. Perhaps the
reverse needs to happen now! One thing's for sure, it wouldn't upset folks
camped nearby nearly as much because they would think we were just holding a
regular Ball.

Just think: Thriller danced to Juice of Barley or a Mannschaft/Hustle blend.
I'm liking this idea more and more with every word.

Do the Hustle! Bump-bump-bump-buhdumbuhdum-buh-buh...

Stâpanâ Catriona Morganosa, OP
"They can gnaw a man in half in 30 seconds."
"Ew! Who times that?"

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