[SCA-Dance] Dance Enticement at Stanford

Renee goddess at oort.com
Thu Feb 14 02:50:35 EST 2008

Isabel d'Trianon / Carey Cates organized a wonderful outreach event at
Stanford University.  A large group of dancers, teachers, and musicians 
participated in a "Dance Demo" that was full of smiling new dancers. 

Because there was approximately one dancer per two Stanford attendees, 
we were able to teach them a large number of Italian and English dances, 
and they had a lot of fun right away.

Cin Barnes noted that we have reached a sufficient level of proficiency
that it is very easy for newcomers to not only learn the steps, but right
away enjoy the flirtation and silliness of the dances.  Particularly she
remembers Amoroso.  When she walked away and "hid" behind people, her
partner's eyes suddenly lit up.  "Aha! I get it!"

Quite a few joined our mailing list, and two newcomers appeared at our
Wednesday dance practice.  It was a huge success, and enormous fun.  
Some of us decided that it would make a good yearly outreach event.

From Isabel's email, thanking those who helped:

> - The musicians who played for the dancing: Elizabeth, Rebecca,
> Aimeric, Chiara, John R., Geoffrey, Gregory, and any I may have missed
> - The teachers, who did a great job teaching, and didn't mind getting
> the set list at nearly the last minute - Geoffrey, Gregory, and
> Vyncent
> - The Treblemakers who sang for us

Thank you, Isabel, for the idea, the follow through, the event!

- - -
Dance like it hurts,
        Love like you need money,
                Work when people are watching.
  - Scott Adams

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