[SCA-Dance] "Boring" dances, was: Quadran Pavan

Catriona A. Morganosa catriona_a_morganosa at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 13 09:53:58 EST 2008

I, too, am flattery operated so I know a fellow when I see one. I'm always
happy to stroke this fine man's ego. After all, he taught me nearly every
dance I know.

Yves and I are working on a Compass Rose Pavan and I am quite interested in
the flirtation aspects of the pavan, but I am also interested in the dynamic
which allows people to have that spark. My comparison is Mannschaft, which
is stately but deceptively fast and precision movements make the dance.

Yves is far more familiar with period dance than I and knows far more of the
catalogue, including music. I'm hoping this collaboration, of which I expect
him to take top billing because of his knowledge and skill, will end up with
a beautiful dance which incorporates those period aspects with a memorable
dance experience. Thanks for reminding me about all the parts and points of
the pavan.

I also agree with Lorenzo's assessment that we demand more action and
adventure in our lives nowadays than they did back then. The downside of
that is that, despite our efforts, we do still live in this action-adventure
Real World. If we have a few dances which can deliver both, we can get our
dancing shoes in the door and start on the path to coaxing folks back into a
simpler time, showing them the value of a peers' circle pavan.

A Peers' Circle Pavan... Hey! Niccolo! Sidebar!

Stâpanâ Catriona Morganosa, OP
"They can gnaw a man in half in 30 seconds."
"Ew! Who times that?"

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