[SCA-Dance] Playing in the SCA is fun!

Renee goddess at oort.com
Sat Feb 9 14:15:54 EST 2008

> > While some of the dances are out of period I enjoy doing them anyway.
> > Isn't that why we play this game? To have fun.
On Saturday, Feb 09, Renee declaimed:
> I enjoy eating waffles...

 / Sarcasm is the first refuge of the inarticulate. /

I have been dancing for only 2 years, therefore I have not faced the
loss of a favorite SCA dance.  But I do empathize.  Our teacher
recently taught (Lauro?) with different step reconstructions.  This
did not feel right!  I had invested so much time learning the other
steps!  I am good at them!  I felt a loss.  A loss on my investment.

It was hard to dance differently.  It was, initially, less fun.

I can understand not wanting to give up dances you already know.
Dance choreographies don't come easily to me.  It takes time to
learn them.  And they're fun.

Over the years, many people have expended much effort to reconstruct
steps, dances, and music.  We now have a large collection of dances
that are their best approximations of actual period dances.  And
every time we dance a GOOP, we don't dance one of these wonderful
reconstructions, on which our friends worked so hard.

  It's hard to sacrifice an investment.

  But if we dance OOP dances, we sacrifice THEIR investment.


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