[SCA-Dance] Sca-dance Digest, Vol 28, Issue 7

Michael Bergman eclectic at mit.edu
Sat Feb 9 14:17:31 EST 2008

I think the issue isn't "Why do we play this game?" but "_HOW_ do we 
play this game?"  What are the rules of the game; how do we 
distinguish this game from everything else we do?

One of the sources of problems is that some of the folks who play 
this game don't do any other dancing or any other re-enacting.  So, 
once they have been introduced to a fun, relatively modern, dance, 
they want to hold onto it, since they can't do that dance anywhere 

Another aspect is that they have friends in this game, and can't do 
that dance WITH THESE FRIENDS anywhere else.  I suffer from that a 
bit myself; I can dance Hole in the Wall at modern ECD dances, but a) 
I would have to suffer through a lot of MORE modern dances that I 
DON'T like, and b) "they don't do it the same way..."

Nonetheless, as I have learned more about dance history, I have 
learned to eschew (ooh!  Got to use that in a sentence!) the dances 
that I was originally taught in the SCA in favor of more appropriate 

Them are my two cents.

--Harald Longfellow

At 10:35 PM -0600 2/8/08, John-Michael Robinson wrote:
>While some of the dances are out of period I enjoy doing them anyway.  Isn't
>that why we play this game? To have fun.
>Mychael le Renard

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