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Playford's dances are often named after the tunes to which they are  
danced. Evidence of the tune does not necessarily imply existence of  
the dance. Even mention of a dance by the same name does not imply  
that it is the same dance as the one in Playford's book.


On Feb 8, 2008, at 11:00 AM, Catriona A. Morganosa wrote:

> Well, I think I can put a potential spin on that one. Shakespeare  
> wrote
> "Romeo and Juliet" within our SCA time period (pre-1600), and in it,  
> Act IV
> Scene 5 to be precise, Peter requests the musicians play Heart's Ease.
> Heart's Ease is a Playford, and evidence of one Playford is arguable
> evidence of all the others.
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