[SCA-Dance] Greetings and question

Catherine Dean catherinedean at gmail.com
Fri Feb 8 11:25:53 EST 2008

>  The progression is quite different from a classic 18th century longaways
> dance, signaling that these too, perhaps, reflect an earlier tradition.
> Each person makes their own choices, and as long as those choices are
> informed then they are fine with me.

Minor clarification.  I meant that the progression on *some* of the Playford
1 longaways dances is substantially different from later progressions.  I
have been reminded that they aren't all the same!  Here I'm specifically
referring to the dances that call for progressing with one figure at a time,
rather than having the dance repeat through one full time before the
progression.  In the former one progresses up and down the set once for each
figure of the dance; in the latter just once.  Clear as mud, eh?


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