[SCA-Dance] Greetings and question

Catriona A. Morganosa catriona_a_morganosa at hotmail.com
Thu Feb 7 18:43:46 EST 2008

Female Sailor is "way out of period"? I'm afraid I've learned many dances
from an old master from almost two decades ago.  The man has since gone on
to become a Laurel of dance but he no longer does the dances he taught me.

Although I have been told that progressive dances like Hole in the Wall and
Well Hall are not period but I was never told when they were, or why they
are taught and danced so vigorously within the SCA if they are taboo. Is it
truly wrong to dance these dances? From the way some aficionados talk, it is
the greatest travesty known to man to dance one of these. 

Stâpanâ Catriona Morganosa, OP
"They can gnaw a man in half in 30 seconds."
"Ew! Who times that?"

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