[SCA-Dance] Terpsichore Classes (i.e. Nag, nag, nag)

Sarah Zamenski sarah.zamenski at gmail.com
Fri Feb 1 13:27:40 EST 2008

If you have already gotten back to me, please ignore this message (and
thank you!)


Hello everyone,

I'm trying to finish up the Terpsichore class schedule as quickly as
possible, as Aelfric needs it for the website (and the musicians would
like to start practicing).

Some of you have told me you'd like to teach but have not given me a
list of dances yet. If you have volunteered (or have not and would
like to now), I need the following no later than FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8TH.
I can certainly make additions after that, but I need something fairly
concrete to give to everyone within the next week. :) We still have
plenty of spots left!

SCA Name (with title, if you prefer)
Class Title (if you want one)
Dances you plan to teach

The following dances have been "claimed" already:

Horses Bransle
Clog Bransle
Gathering Peascods
Up Tails All
My Lady Cullen
Picking of Sticks
Inns of Court
ABC's of Playford (T) (no dances listed yet)
Petit Riens
Maraviglia d'Amore
Alta Regina
Jenny Pluck Pears
Cuckolds All in a Row
Bella Gioiosa
Gracca Amorosa

We could still use some basics like Black Nag, Black Alman, Heralds in
Love, Posten's Jig, etc.



Lady Sorcha an Ridhle

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