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You have to be careful of J. Payne Collier: he forged some primary
sources in his ballad publications. I'm not sure how difficult it
would be to try to find this primary (the Fairfax MSS.); it's in the
British Library, but a cursory search didn't come up with a published

**Actually, the primary Fairfax Manuscripts can be found at the Bodleian Library. Here is a link: http://www.bodley.ox.ac.uk/dept/scwmss/wmss/online/medieval/fairfax/fairfax.html
  However, I am having trouble reading the original texts and am looking for a translation of them.  
  Also, several other contemporaries of Collier sited different parts of the same passage:
  The Mirror of Literature, Amusement, and Instruction  by John Timbs - 1840  Christmas Carols, Ancient and Modern: Including the Most Popular in the West by William Sandys
      The Bodleian Library Record by Bodleian Library 

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