[SCA-Dance] Early Tudor Dance

Barbara Webb bwebb at inf.ed.ac.uk
Mon Apr 28 05:02:13 EDT 2008

> Fascinating!  Have you managed to find a copy

Not so far.

>>   The howe of the howse [margin: or the old measure]
>>   Fyrst half turn and undo yt agayn, flower, iij
>> forth, the fyrst man and
>>   second folowe, flower and roll into other placys,
>> hole turn, flower, and
>>   then roll into other placys.[44]"
> "Flower"?  Again, FASCINATING!  I have been mulling
> over and over one whether the "fleurdelice" is in fact
> like a fleuret or movimento.  This interesting
> reference to a "flower" creates yet another good link
> to the fleuret idea.

Actually, to me, this reference suggests more the alternative 
intepretation of 'fleurdelice' as a floor pattern, given that the rest of 
this dance description seems to be all in terms of directions of 
movements, and not steps. I wouldn't want to make a strong argument either 
way, however.

Actually, I find it makes me think a bit of a Playford longways' 
progression (arrgh! a period source for 'Hole in Wall'?) which would go 
rather against the previous assumptions that this is a mid-to-late 17th 
century development. But again there is not much to go on.


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