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> From:  judithsca at aol.com
>  Salvete!
> ?? As this was a dance that I reconstructed, I can answe 
> this. :-)? I had music created to suit this dance.? Master 
> Otto von Graz (mka Chris Elmes from the ensemble Gaita) ) 
> wrote the music for it.? As they are professional musicians, 
> their music is generally not freely available for download.? 
> I have cc'd him here.
> ???? If you need notes for the dances (or the more recent 
> version of its reconstruction), please feel free to drop me a line!
> Your Servant,
> Judith
Another place music is available (though not for download) for
this dance is the DHDS
(http://www.dhds.org.uk/publications/bookprice.html) -
it's on Il Bel Danzare.  Now, their reconstruction may not be
the same as Mistress Judith's, and in any case, since this is
one of the few (only?) "for as many as will" 15thC Italian dances
where the music needs to fit the number of dancers (or vice versa)
because of it's structure, you're going to have to do some
tailoring anyway ... but that's one of the limitations of
not having live musicians.

Thius version of the music (which is Cantiga 119) does not fit the original
version of the dance, at least not the first part.  The first part of the
dance (the processional bit) has 2 continenze, one double and a third
continenze on the end.  In quarternaria, this requires 2.5 bars of music,
and Cantiga 119 is not structured that way - it suits the second part of the
dance (which is all in piva/saltarello tempo), but not the first part.
Thus, I had music written for the dance. :-)


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