[SCA-Dance] A Question of Latin

Kirsten Garner kngarner at sbcglobal.net
Thu Apr 10 14:11:55 EDT 2008


I'm working from memory here, so I can't remember the
exact date, but during Edward I's reign, there was a
notation in the household accounts to pay 2s to one
Maude Makejoy for 'dancing before the Prince [Edward
II]'. After the initial convulsions of laughter, we
all decided that with that particular name (and at
that price!), she had to be a lap dancer or something
of the sort. ;) 


--- Alex Clark <alexbclark at pennswoods.net> wrote:

> At 10:51 AM 4/9/2008 -0700, Kirsten Garner wrote:
> >. . . (apart from Edward II's "lap dancer"), . . .
> Do tell. Inquiring minds want to know.
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> Henry of Maldon/Alex Clark 

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