[SCA-Dance] Sctch Cap slippage

Catherine Dean catherinedean at gmail.com
Mon Sep 10 09:05:53 EDT 2007

>    Three men slip up, and 3. We. slip down, then the lower man give
>    his right hand to the first Wo. and so go into your places by
>    hands, then the We. slip up, and the men slip down, the first and
>    last give hands, to your places as before
> The person pointed out that
> - it doesn't say it's simultaneous slippage
> - it doesn't say how many slips, 4 or 8, but trying to do 4 slips in 8
> beats would be slip-lurch-slip-lurch-...
> - the first verse, as we dance it, has one side backing up first, and
> then the other side: the version in the Terpsichore booklet has them
> that way (non-simultaneous)
> - the second rep, "then the We. slip up, and the men slip down",
> may indicate the women doing it first and the men doing it second,
> because when they do thing simultaneously, Playford has "men"
> first.  The first chorus is worded that way.

In Atlantia we tend to do it as you described:  Men and women each slip for
four seperate beats.  It works reasonably well.

Hope that helps.

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