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Scotch Cap, chorus 3: as I learned it and as it's in the Tersichore
booklet, the men slip 8 slips to the top while the women slip 8 slips
to the bottom, and then do a handed hay to get back to places, then
men go down 8 and women go up 8, and hand back to places.

Someone pointed out that that's a lot of slippage.  You have to be
careful to take really tiny slips or you can't reach each other for
the handing.

<http://www.shipbrook.com/jeff/playford/96.html> quotes, for the
choruses only,

    The two upper We. fall back,, and the two lower men fall back,
    crosse over, then the first man and the lower Wo. crosse over,
    then the two upper men fall back, and the two lower We. crosse
    over, then the other crosse over as before, this three times over

    Three men and 3. We. joyning hands, fall all back, and meet all,
    men turn your faces one towards another, We. doing the like, the
    two ends on each side arms, while the middle with his own, then
    fall back, then turn your backs together, and every one turn his

    Three men slip up, and 3. We. slip down, then the lower man give
    his right hand to the first Wo. and so go into your places by
    hands, then the We. slip up, and the men slip down, the first and
    last give hands, to your places as before

The person pointed out that
- it doesn't say it's simultaneous slippage
- it doesn't say how many slips, 4 or 8, but trying to do 4 slips in 8
  beats would be slip-lurch-slip-lurch-...
- the first verse, as we dance it, has one side backing up first, and
  then the other side: the version in the Terpsichore booklet has them
  that way (non-simultaneous)
- the second rep, "then the We. slip up, and the men slip down",
  may indicate the women doing it first and the men doing it second,
  because when they do thing simultaneously, Playford has "men"
  first.  The first chorus is worded that way.

Danett de Lyncoln
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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