[SCA-Dance] Grimstock Hay

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Sun Sep 9 21:53:15 EDT 2007

We've tried to do Grimstock locally, but it's been a while since we've
done it with others (Gulf Wars), and the sources we had to hand were
vague enough, that we almost got into an argument on how *precisely*
to do chorus 3 in Grimstock.  At the risk of embarrassing myself by
looking like a dansn00b:

    W1    W2    W3

    M1    M2    M3

M1 and W1 are supposed to exchange places.  We do walk into each
other's place, right?  (One time we tried it as a crossover as in
Female Sailor or during the mushrooming in Whirlygig: W1 walks between
M2 and M3, and M1 walks between W2 and W3.  It works and saves a few
beats, but I wouldn't call it a hay.)

Which shoulders do M1 and W1 pass when crossing over at the top?
At the bottom?  -- I suspect that it doesn't matter, that the
crossovers don't count as part of the hay.

Having crossed:

    M1    W2    W3

    W1    M2    M3

Which shoulders do M1 and W1 start passing with?  (We tried all three
obvious candidates -- mirrored starting inside, mirrored starting
outside, both normal -- but they're each awkward in different ways.)

The other four people walk the hay, not stand as posts, right?
(Someone had a vague memory of a "sheepskin hay" involving posts, but
others said that everyone does move in Grimstock.)

Daniel Lindecolina, not as n00bie as he looks, really
Tim McDaniel; Reply-To: tmcd at panix.com

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