[SCA-Dance] [Fwd: Terpsichore at the Tower XIV (in Ann Arbor, MI): Call for Teachers] (Take 2)

Elaine Cohen elainec at comcast.net
Tue Oct 23 09:39:10 EDT 2007

> (Attached message forwarded per Sorcha's request - she's cc'ed, so you 
> can easily respond directly to her).

Since the attachment didn't come through the first time, here's the text 
of Sorcha's message:


(My apologies if you receive this multiple times.)

I am putting together the European dance classes for Terpsichore, which 
will be held on *March 29, 2008*. The website for the event is located 
here: http://terpsichore.cynnabar.org/

If you would like to teach a class (or two!), please contact me no later 
than *January 11th*, as I would like to give the musicians the ball list 
well in advance. If you forget, don't worry -- I plan to send at least 
two more reminders before January!

I will need the following information:

*SCA Name* (please include your title, as I don't know everyone's and 
wouldn't want to cause offense)
*Dances you plan to teach
Title of your class *
*Preferred time of day* (I will do my best to schedule you when you 
prefer, but I cannot make any promises!)

If two or more teachers want to teach the same dances, I will help work 
something out.

If you have any questions, please let me know!


Lady Sorcha an Ridhle

P.S. Could someone please forward this to the SCA Dance List? I don't 
appear to be subscribed just yet.

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