[SCA-Dance] La Volta in Elizabeth: The Golden Age

White, John john.white at drexel.edu
Mon Oct 15 19:47:32 EDT 2007

>From:  nl33 at cornell.edu
>Did you guys get to see the La Volta in the recent Elizabeth movie?
>They actually taught it in the movie!
>Slightly different from how I've seen it reconstructed in the SCA (no 
>knee-ing the lady up)

It seemed rather different to me - the dancers were face to face, and the way
that Bess was being flung about in the first lesson was rather more energetic
than I've seen it as well.  It seemed as though, when Elizabeth was showing
Raleigh how to do it she was using the corset like they taught in Sydney, but
even though Bess was trying to help him out with the count, I couldn't see that
they were bothering with any counting at all ...

I was hoping for more, actually, but it was nice to see that bit at least!

         \\Dafydd Cyhoeddwr

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