[SCA-Dance] n couples in couple dances?

Meredith Courtney meredith at livingpaper.org
Sat Oct 13 17:22:43 EDT 2007

Hi: The more I learn about these things, the less certain I become that 
there's only one answer.

If you can lay hands on a copy of Barbara Sparti's "On the Practice or Art 
of Dancing", chapter 3 "Dancing in Fifteenth-Century Italian Society" has 
a lot of good information in it: be sure to read the footnotes as well as 
the text.

My current belief, based on that chapter and on bits and pieces picked up 
over the years (I can't always remember where they all came from): there 
were some occasions where bassedanze and balli were done by multiple 
couples, and other occasions where the same dances were done 


On Thu, 11 Oct 2007, Marianne Perdomo Machin wrote:

> Greetings!
> I have a question about couple dances. I'm mostly interested in the 15th
> - early 16th c. stuff (Italian bd and balli, burgundian,...), though I'm
> happy to learn about other periods too. :)
> Is there evidence for or against bassedances (italian or otherwise)
> being for any number of couples?
> How about balli? Gresley dances?
> Any information or hints will be very much appreciated!
> Thanks!
> Leonor / marianne
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