[SCA-Dance] WANTED: Volunteers To Run Evening Dance at Pennsic

Gwommy Anpurpaidh gwommy at gmail.com
Sun May 13 09:35:28 EDT 2007

Good Dancers,

I am looking for volunteers to run evening dancing.  Below is the
attentive dance schedule for evening dancing.  If you are interested
in running dance for an evening(9pm to midnight), please e-mail me
back offlist(gwommy at gmail.com).  If you have a preference as to which
place you'd rather run dance, then feel free to let me know that as

Yay! Dancing!

Date	Dance Tent	Barn

Sat 28	N/A		Gwommy
Sun 29	N/A		(open dance)
Mon 30	N/A		(open dance)
Tue 31	N/A		(open dance)
Wed 1	(open dance)	(open dance)
Thu 2	(open dance)	(open dance)
Fri 3	(open dance)	(open dance)
Sat 4	English Revel	(open dance)
Sun 5	Beginner's Ball	(open dance)
Mon 6	16th Cen Revel	(open dance)
Tue 7	(open dance)	Grand Ball
Wed 8	(open dance)	Bransle Fest
Thu 9	15th Cen Revel	(open dance)
Fri 10	N/A		(open dance)
Sat 11	N/A		(open dance)

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