[SCA-Dance] possible KWDS sesion: interest?

Mary Railing mrailing at kiva.net
Mon May 7 12:24:43 EDT 2007

I would be interested in helping with such a thing.  Were you picturing it 
as a panel discussion (like at an SF con) or people just sitting in a 
circle and talking?


On Sat, 5 May 2007, Meredith Courtney wrote:

> Hi all: Just after the closing date for 2nd round of proposals for KWDS 
> sessions, I had an idea for another one, only I don't think I have enough 
> material to do it by myself, and I don't know if people would be 
> interested in something like it.  But KWDS has opened a 3rd round of 
> proposals, so:
> Improvisation Principles for Dancing
> A group discussion of what to do with a galliard (or other improvised 
> dance) once you've learned some steps for it.
> Anyone interested in attending such a thing? (depending on what it is 
> scheduled against, of course :)  Anyone interested in co-leading it?
> Mara
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