[SCA-Dance] Survey of numbers attenindg KWDS in Drachenwald

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Trahaearn and I are willing to travel most anywhere for a Known world Dance
Symposium (including Ontario or Drachenwald) - it's a great excuse for a
vacation in someplace we might not otherwise go (we had a great time in New
Orleans, Texas, and Australia! And those of you who are travelling to
Seattle will discover what a truly amazing place it is: mountains and oceans
in short driving distance, lakes surround us; it's a city with a thriving
arts scene; and the highest percentage of college-educated folks anywhere
means all sorts of cultural activities are always available! We're also
pretty darn liberal and tolerant which makes for a pretty pleasant place to
For those of you who would like to see a KWDS within easy driving distance
of your house... you can always offer to run one! 

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     So, in our search for an appropriate site, we need to know how many
people would make the journey across the ocean to attend KWDS here.  It
would be in the winter or Spring when airfares are significantly cheaper
(and the journey here significantly shorter than the one to Lochac).  So,
could I see a show of hands as to how many people would consider attending?




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