[SCA-Dance] A Ball from 1503: An Experiment in Recreation

Judith judithsca at aol.com
Thu May 3 18:03:39 EDT 2007


     I have recently found an incredibly detailed description of a ball that
occurred in 1503 in Ulm.  At Pennsic, I would like to try and reconstruct
this ball format.  I have not set the time yet, but I am giving everybody a
heads-up.  The dances will not be taught at the ball, and it will be about a
two hour experiment, part of which will include a post-mortem on the
experiment.  Both participants and spectators are welcome.  I will even try
to provide refreshments to try and recreate a real ball atmosphere! :-)  The
original description actually I describes something close to Caroso's format
almost a hundred years later, except that everybody very clearly dances all
the dances (with the exception of when the highest ranking person performs a
special processional dance).  And, order of precedence decides who gets to
pick what dance next.  Therefore, everybody interested in participating
should come equipped with knowledge of their highest ranking award, and date
of receipt so that the masters of ceremony can perform their jobs.


   Here is the class description..


This class will attempt to recreate a ball format from Ulm as described in
1503 by the chancellor of the Archduke of Austria.  No dances will be
taught; participants should already know a fair number of dances from the
15th and 16th centuries.  Auditors and Spectators are welcome.  Primary
source material will be discussed.


Hope to see many of you there to help me try to recreate this!


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