[SCA-Dance] Very OOP Dance Help Needed

Niki janeeve2001 at yahoo.com
Tue Mar 13 21:18:28 EST 2007

Hello All!
  I am requesting any help that any of you can offer regarding the following VERY out of Period Dances.  Help that would be useful includes: books/websites to find back up material on the dance steps/music and when they were done (year from/to,etc).  Even if you only have a little bit of information - it would be greatly appreciated. 
  The dances are as follows:
  Female Sailor
  Mr. Issacs Maggot
  Hole in the Wall
  The Fine Companion (ok Playford, as we all know - but does anyone have: the Boon Companion or The Merry Companion?) The music is the same, yet the style and timing are different.
  Any other dances that you may know of that were done between 1770-1795 would also be helpful.  (I know, the years make you cringe, they do it to me too.)
  Anyway, thanks in advance to Master Arden of Iacomb, and Master Trehearn for their very forthcoming information.  I'm still sorting through it all - but I'm pretty set in the socio-political aspect of the dance! :)
  Lady Jane Milford
  THL Justinian Timagenes

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